Kiamal Energy Storage System (KESS)

Total Eren is currently developing the proposed development of Kiamal Energy Storage System (KESS) which will be co-located at Kiamal Solar Farm with a 33 kV connection into the existing Kiamal Terminal Station (KMTS). The first phase of KESS is likely to consist of 50 MW/ 50 MWh with future expansion opportunities with a target construction commencement date in early-2021.

Stage 2 of Kiamal Solar Farm

Stage 2 of Kiamal Solar Farm is currently in advanced development by Total Eren with a maximum nameplate capacity of 150 MW (AC) and 194 MWp. Stage 2 is located approximately 2 km to the east of Stage 1 and is currently in the grid connection process and to be connected into the a new 220 kV bay at the existing KMTS. 

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