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About Kiamal Solar Farm

Overview of Kiamal Solar Farm Development

Kiamal Solar Farm (the Project) is made up of two areas (approximately 800 hectares) located to the north of Ouyen Township, with both areas being contained within the Mildura Rural City Council area. One area is west of the Calder Highway and one area is east of the Calder Highway. Planning approval for Kiamal Solar Farm was granted by Mildura Rural City Council in September 2017 with an updated Amendment granted in October 2018. The key features of the proposed Project includes:

  • Up to 450 MWp/ 350 MW (nameplate capacity) solar PV farm;
  • Solar panel arrays installed with fixed-tilt or single-axis tracking technologies;
  • PV inverter collection boxes;
  • Onsite medium voltage cabling and electrical connections;
  • A 66 kV onsite collector substation and switching station;
  • A 220 kV onsite collector substation and switching station including a synchronous condenser;
  • Limited overhead 66 kV and 220 kV overhead lines; and
  • Onsite energy storage facility and associated project infrastructure.

Benefits of the Project

Clean Energy Produced (p.a.)
CO2 Displaced (tonnes)
Homes Powered (equiv.)
Employed During Construction

The construction of Stage 1 of Kiamal Solar Farm will deliver significant economic, environmental and social benefits to Mildura Rural City Council area and Victoria.

Jobs & Investment:

  • Support over 300 jobs during construction phase;
  • Long-term employment for 10 skilled employees within Mildura region and Melbourne;
  • $330 mil investment by Total Eren;
  • Opportunities for local contractors to participate in the construction and operation phases of the project; and
  • Direct contribution into Ouyen local community through the establishment of a Voluntary Community Fund during the operational phase of the project.


  • Generate over 560 GWh of clean energy per year;
  • Equivalent to powering over 133,000 Victorian homes per year;
  • Displacing more than 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually;
  • No impact to native vegetation during construction; and
  • Minimal water usage for power generation compared to fossil fuels.

Stage 1 of Kiamal Solar Farm

Stage 1 of Kiamal Solar Farm has commenced construction and is expected to be completed in Q1 2020. Stage 1 of the Project includes:

  • 720,000 solar PV modules supplied by Canadian Solar;
  • use of single-axis trackers;
  • A new 220 kV Kiamal Terminal Station to be constructed, owned and operated by TransGrid;
  • A new 220 kV Kiamal Solar Farm Collector Substation with twin transformers supplied locally by Wilsons Transformers; and
  • A new synchronous condenser to provide system strength to the north-west Victorian grid.

Project Location

Stage 2 of Kiamal Solar Farm

Total Eren, as an integrated developer and owner of Kiamal Solar Farm, is currently in advanced development of Stage 2 of Kiamal Solar Farm with an intention to commence construction in the near future:

  • Up to 194 MWp / 150 MW nameplate capacity;
  • Up to 270 MW/ 1080 MWh energy storage capacity; and
  • Additional upgrades to the Kiamal Solar Farm Collector Substation to accommodate increase in capacity.